Sunday, March 7, 2010

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As our world grows ever smaller, the prominence of cultural icons such as Elis Regina begins to shrink as well, slowly replaced by the quickening pace of the latest trend, the 24 hour news cycle, and the next subject for his or her “15-minutes of fame.”

So, for taking the time and effort to read about Elis Regina, I thank you.

Elis was dynamic in her music and polarizing in her personal life. And while author Regina Echeverria’s biography is controversial, its critics have never gained much traction – in Brazil or beyond. The same can be said of Ruy Castro’s excellent history of ‘Bossa Nova’. Considering the magnitude of both topics, it is confounding that more published works have not been researched and written.

Regardless, ‘Furac√£o Elis’ (Hurricane Elis) never fails to elicit passionate response from its readers, and you are welcome to share your comments by sending us an email with your thoughts.

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Happy reading,

Scott Adams